Municipal Court Ordinance

Municipal Courts Ordinance 060616 Court


See Parking Ordinance for Apollo Drive that passed on September 9, 2019 https://townofharmony.com/2019/09/11/new-parking-ordinance-for-apollo-lane/


New speed limit on Kennedy Road that passed on January 13th, 2020  011320-Kennedy-Road-To-35-MPH


Group Home Ordinance    Ordinance-060220A-Group-Home


Treasurers Position from Elected to Appointed Ordinance  Ordinance-060220B-Treasurer


Resolution 101220 that passed on October 12.  Resolution supporting exceeding the State Levi Limit for 2020 paid in 2021 due to the Milton-Milton Township Fire Department raising the contracted price..  Resolution 101220

Ordinance 031422 adding conditional uses to the A2 Zoning District  Ordinance 031422 Adding Conditional Uses to the A2 Zoning District


Ordinance for speed limit on that section of E. Bingham from Townhall Road West to the Dead End.

Speed limit E Bingham Rd 041122