Ordinance 060616 Municipal Court

Ordinance 091119 Parking on Apollo Lane

Ordinance 011320 Kennedy Road 35 MPH Speedlimit


Ordinance-060220B-Treasurer Position to Appointed

Resolution 101220 that passed on October 12.  Resolution supporting exceeding the State Levi Limit for 2020 paid in 2021 due to the Milton-Milton Township Fire Department raising the contracted price..  Resolution 101220

Ordinance 031422 Adding Conditional Uses to the A2 Zoning District

Ordinance 041122 Speed limit E Bingham Rd

Ordinance 071122 ATVs Allowed on Town Roads

A Resolution was passed to use some of our reserve funds to help pay for the Townline Road project until the State reimburses the town for the grant, and then the reserve will be paid back.  The resolution is below   Reserve Fund Resolution 71122A

Ordinance 081522 Adopting State Traffic Laws

Ordinance 091222 Size of Accessory Buildings