Election Information

In Person Absentee Voting Hours

As we get closer to the election and you request an absentee ballot, keep in mind the mailing time to get to you and back to me.  It is taking up to 3 days to get to you and 3 days back.  I must have the ballot back in my hands by no later then 8pm on election day.  All ballots received after this, will not be counted.

What If I Receive an Application in the Mail?

If you receive an application for absentee ballot or voter registration form in the mail, use caution.  First try accessing the my vote link below and register or request an absentee ballot on-line.  If you choose to use the form that you received in the mail make sure to include a copy of your ID for absentee applications and for Registration Applications you must include a copy of your ID and if the address is not correct on your ID you must also include proof of residence.  These forms were NOT mailed by the Town Clerk or the County Clerk.   

In person absentee voting for the 11-6-2018 Election starts Monday October 1st and runs through Friday November 2nd.  Office hours are as follows...

Mondays through Thursday 1pm to 5:30pm

Friday November 2nd 1pm to 5pm, last day to absentee vote in person.

Please check this website before coming to vote as emergencies happen and the schedule may change on a certain date.  Additional office hours are available.  Please call ahead and I will work with you on a time that works best for you.  Please bring your ID along to vote.  If you are not registered please bring your ID and proof of residents.  Voting location for in person absentee is the Town Hall at 440 N US Hwy 14, Janesville WI 53546, next to Silha Construction.  Town Phone number is 608-563-4477.

Absentee ballots that are mailed to you must be returned by 8pm on election day.  Ballots received after that time will not be counted.




 There will be a public test of the electronic equipment that will be used at the Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 Election.  The test will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Harmony Townhall, 440 N. Highway 14 Janesville.  All residents are invited to attend this public test.

Tim Tollefson


Harmony Town Clerk



Sample Ballots for Novembe 6, 2018 Election

Ward 1 Sample Ballot 

Wards 2 Through 5 Sample Ballot

Ward 6 Sample Ballot


Did you receive a registration form in the mail?  In many cases the resident does not fill this form out correctly or is missing proof of residents.  Follow the link below and first try to register on-line.  

Voter Information 


  • Check Voter Registration
  • Register to vote
  • Preview Sample Ballots
  • Check Polling Location
  • Request Absentee Ballot
  • Check Voter History


Election Day Polling Place

Harmony Town Hall, 440 N US HWY 14, Janesville WI 53546

Election Day Hours are 7 am to 8 pm

For a map to the polling place, click on the Contact Us tab on the top of the screen.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a GPS, include the N in the direction or you will be directed to an empty field near the Rock County Jail.  Look for the green Ag Service Center sign on US HWY 14 Next to Silha Construction.