Fake E-mail Scam

I have received a report that someone received and email that appeared to come from the Clerk.  It was requesting funds.  Keep in mine, you will NEVER receive an email from me or anyone from the Town of Harmony requesting funds.  If you should ever receive and email from what appears to be the townofharmony.com asking for funds or personal info, delete the email and delete from you trash.  Do not respond to the email.  If you have questions please feel free to give me a call at 608-563-4477.


Tim Tollefson


Left Over Waste Management Containers

For those residents that have left over Waste Managment, Rock Disposal, Veolia or Advanced containers that do not want to keep them (You can not use them anylonger for pickup) please send me an e-mail with your Name, Address and phone number and I will forward to Johns Disposal and they will come and pick them up to be recycled.  Once you send me a note please leave them curbside until Johns picks them up.  Please send an email to…

[email protected]

Let your neighbors know in case they do not check our website.  


Tim Tollefson, Clerk

Townline Road Project

The Town has selected Rock Roads as the General Contractor for the Townline Road Project.  We will be redoing 2 Sections of Townline Road, From Kennedy Road East to County Y and From Henke Road to Milton-Shopiere Road.  For the Kennedy Road to County Y section we will be lowering the hill and raising an area to the east of N.W. Rotamer Road in an effort to give better visability at that intersection and squaring off the N.W. Rotamer/Townline Road intersection for ease of turning.  For the section of Townline From Henke to Milton-Shopiere we will be rebuilding the hill just to the east of Henke to once again give better visability at that intersection.  

At this point the schedule to start contstruction is Mid June and a completion date of August 26th 2022.  Batterman and Associates will be communicating with town, it’s residents and the post office during the project.  

Watch for more updates.


Tim Tollefson, Clerk

General News Update for Week Ending 04-22-22

Just a few things in the news for Harmony

Refuse and Recycling

Johns Disposal has done a pretty good job thus far.  A Few missed pickups but that is due to their drivers learning the routes.  A reminder, as was listed in the directions mailed to everyone and in Johns directions, if you do are missed for pickup, please call one of these numbers.  262-473-4700 or 888-473-4701.  They will make arrangments to get it picked up ASAP.  I have posted in the upcoming events section of our landing page the pick up dates and what gets picked up those dates, just in case you have lost your calendar.  Be sure to have your carts roadside by 6am.  

Fire and EMS Update

The Towns of Harmony, Johnstown, Lima, Milton and the City of Milton entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Edgerton Fire Protection District.  This Memo will guide the EFPD and the 4 Towns and City with regard to  negotiations.  Our first meeting will be on April 28th and I will post that info when I have it.  It is the begining of our negotiations to try and become members of the EFPD.  We are still in the planning stages for the new stations in the City of Milton and the Town of Milton.  I will keep you up to date as best I can.  

Open Book

The Assessor for the Town of Harmony will hold the Open Book session on April 28th from noon to 6pm at the Town Hall.  Open book is a time to come in and discuss the assessed value of your property with the Assessor if you would like to.  

Board of Review

The Board of Review will be held on Wednesday June 1st from 6pm to 8pm.  As we get past the Open Book Session, I will be posting the procedures for appearing at the Board of Review.  The Board of Review is a time to appeal the assessed value of your property to the Board.  The Board will make a determination based on evidence presented.  Watch for more info for this.

Road Work

We will be applying for Federal/State grants to resurface Henke Road (2024), Milton Shopiere Road (2025) and our Section of Tarrant Road (2026) and Possibley our part of Newville Road.  I know that we would all like to have our own Road resurfaced but due to the rules of the Federal/State grants, these roads were the only roads we could select and we are not even sure of these roads, but they appeared to meet the criteria for the Grants.  The Grants cover 80% of the cost and the Town covers only 20%.   There are other rules to receive the grants.  Should those roads get selected we will post more on this.

This year we will be doing a resurface in the Timber Ridge Subdivision and several others.  The board realizes several of the Town’s subdivisions are 30 plus years old and we need to resurface these roads.  We are starting this year and hope to complete this in several years.  

As we have weeks where their is a lot going on, I will try to use this format to keep everyone up to date.


Tim Tollefson, Clerk

Garbage Collection Change

We will be ending our contract with Waste Managment on March 29, 2022.  The Board has decided to contract with Johns Disposal out of Whitewater.  This should provide much better service for our community.  We will be posting additonal information on this website in the near future.  Waste Management will be collecting the carts your currently use and Johns will be dropping New Carts at a later date.  

Please ensure you keep your eye on out website, as we will post additional information and direction.