Rock County Clean Sweep Program

Rock County will hold the 2024 Clean Sweep Program again.  Take stock now and reserve your spot as time slots fill up quickly.  See the brochures below

Clean Sweep Brochure Click Here 

Clean Sweep for hazardous chemicals – June 22, August 24, 2024

Drop-offs will be June 22 in Beloit and August 24 in Janesville.  Open to all Rock County residents.  This program is popular and capacity is limited so advance registration is required. Priority chemicals include pesticides, herbicides, mercury, old vehicle fuels, solvents, thinners, wood preservatives, pool chemicals, unknown chemicals, and oil-based paint, to name a few.  Latex paint is not accepted.  

For a list of accepted materials, year-round recycling for rechargeable batteries, motor oil, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, and a household chemical disposal guide, go to the Rock County Clean Sweep website ( ) or call 608-754-6617 ext. 3. 

Business Clean Sweep for Hazardous and Agricultural Chemicals – drop-offs in Beloit and Janesville

Any small business, organization, or agency that produces 220 lbs or less of hazardous waste per month or 2,205 lbs or less per year may be eligible to use Clean Sweep for Businesses/Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQGs) in Rock County on June 22 in Beloit and August 24 in Janesville. Any eligible business/VSQG from Rock County may also use the Dane County Business Clean Sweep all year.  Participants pay disposal cost and transport materials to the drop-off themselves.  Both programs offer free no-obligation quotes. 

 Unwanted agricultural chemicals from any eligible organization, government agency, or business in Rock County can save up to 50% off disposal cost at Rock County Clean Sweep while funds last.  An inventory of chemicals required in advance to receive the discount. 

 To use the Rock County Business Clean Sweeps on June 22 register by June 14.  To use the August 24 drop-off, register by August 16, 2024.  Business program information is at the Rock County Clean Sweep website

USA Cycling Para Cycling Road National Championships

The USA Cycling Para Cycling Time Trials and Championship will be held once again in the Town of Harmony.  

On Tuesday June 11th will be the time trials from 8am to 1:30pm and on Wednesday June 12th will be the Road Race from 8am to 3pm.

This will impact the following roads

Tarrant Road 

Milton Shopiere Road

Henke Road

E Rotamer Road

E Bingham Road

County Road A

Everyone impacted will receive several mailings to reminde everyone about this race and procedures for using the road.  The Rock County Sheriff’s Department will be in charge of Road Closures.  

Town Hall Road Work in May

In the month of May, the City of Janesville will be resurfacing the portion of N. Harmony Town Hall Road that lies within the City.  Because this is a narrow road, we plan to detour traffic off the street while the work is in progress (see attached detour map).  The work will include milling butt joints, paving a new asphalt surface, and constructing aggregate shoulders.  This work should take approximately one week to complete.  Pavement markings will follow about 10 to 20 days after paving.       

Through traffic will be detoured around the work zone for the safety of both the motorists and the work crews.  The road will remain open to local traffic needing to access homes or businesses with the closure.  We have also contacted the school bus service for the Milton District to inform them of this project. 

Section of Town Hall Road Being Worked on by City of Janesville.


Detour Route

Detour Route Click Here 



Board of Review is May 23rd at 6pm

The Board of Review has been schedule for Thursday May 23rd from 6pm to 8pm

The Board of Review is a time for residents to present their case stating their assessed value is incorrect.  

Each person that would like to appear before the Board of Review will need to fill out the the objection form and file this with the Clerk at least 24 hours in advance.

Legal Notice

Town of Harmony Board of Review Legal Notice Click Here 

Agenda for Meeting on May 23rd at 6pm

Board of Review Agenda 

You can read through this guide to help you.

Guide For Property Owners Click Here 

This form would need to be filed with the Clerk at least 24 hours in advance.

Objection Form for Real Property (House a land) Click Here 

This form would need to be filed with the Clerk at least 24 hours in advance.

Obejction Form for Personal Property (Equipment) Click Here 

If you would like to schedule a viewing with the Town Assessor please see the instructions below.

Assessor Scheduling Instructions Click Here 

Absentee Voting for 2024 and In Person Absentee Voting

For those that will be voting absentee in 2024, i wanted everyone to see the new instructions and the new absentee envelopes.  Below are examples of the new forms.  Please pay attention to the instructions.  It is very important to follow these directions to ensure your vote counts and the instructions are simple.  

In Person Absentee Voting

Here are the hours for in person Absentee Voting at the town hall 440 N U.S. Hwy 14, Janesville.

Tuesday March 19 through Friday March 22nd 1pm to 5pm

Tuesday March 26th through Wednesday March 27th and Friday March 29th   1pm to 5pm

2024 Absentee Instructions Click Here

The new absentee envelopes explain the procedures much better.  See below for a sample.  

Step 1 will be filled out with a label from the Clerk

Step 2 the voter must sign next to the X.  If the voter had assitance in voting their ballot the Assistant must sign their name at the bottom of Step 2.

Step 3.  This section is for the person who witnessed you voting this ballot.  They need to sign their name, Print their name and place their address in the lowest box.  This is the step that some people forget.  Please, before you put the envelope in the mail, check to make sure Step 2 and Step 3 are completed.

Absentee Ballot Return Envelope Click Here 

I want to make sure your ballot gets counted.  


Tim Tollefson, Clerk

Roads are open to ATV/UTV traffic

After a long wait, the Town roads are open to ATV/UTV travel.  Begining routes will be sigened and will have end signs where the roads  go to into another town or city.  Townline Road is NOT open to ATV/UTV travel.  Townline Road is mutually controlled by the Town of Harmony and the Town of Milton.  At this point the Town of Milton has not approved ATV/UTV use on their roads.  I have attached below the Ordinance for The Town of Harmony.  Become familar with this ordiance.  County Roads at this point are NOT open for ATV/UTV travel though you may cross these County Roads to continue on the trail.  Tarrant Road is open from Bingham Rd to County Road A.  South of A is controlled by the Town of Johnstown and they do not have an ordinance allowing for ATV/UTV travel.  Please read through the Ordinance.

Town of Harmony ATV/UTV Ordinance Click Here 

2024 Dog License

Below is the application for the 2024 Dog License.  All dogs in Rock County must be licensed.  Should your dog get out, it will be much easier to reunite you.

Below is the 2024 Dog License applilcation.  New license will ship out about December 1st.  

By the way, that’s my baby Sadie.


Tim Tollefson, Clerk


2024 Dog License Application Form Click Here