November 8th 2021 Budget Hearing and Meeting of Electors Posting and Information

On Nov 8, 2021 at 7pm we will hold a budget public Hearing and Meeting of Electors.  Please see attached

Notice of Public Hearing


Notice of Special Town Meeting of Electors 


Public Hearing and Meeting of Electors Agenda Nov 8, 2021


2022 Proposed Budget Detail


Resolution Passed by the board on 10-20-21


Resolution the Electors will be asked to pass to raise levy


Resolution to approve 2022 budget


Results of Meeting of Electors and Levy

The meeting of Electors approved the resolution to exceed the Town Levy Limit by a vote of 14 to 0.  The reason for the levy increase is to pay the Fire and EMS bills for 2022 and beyond.

And at the meeting of electors the levy was approved with a vote of 14 to 0.


Election Reminder for 2021

There are no elections for the remainder of 2021.  For anyone that would like to receive absentee ballots in 2022 you will have to request those on or after January 1, 2022.



Internet in Your Area and speed?

I am on the County Committee that is looking to improve the internet speed in Rock County and my focus is on the Town of Harmony.  I need to get feedback from people around the Township as to what speed you have and if it is slow, is there another Internet Provider in your area that can give you faster speed?  I live on Kennedy Road.  Our provider that we had two years ago could get us only 4 megabits per second.   That is below poor.  We checked around and found one that can provide Up to 100 mbps.  We signed up and on the average it provides around 50 mbps.  That is enough to run 3 or 4 computers and stream on the TV without problems.  In order to check your speed, go to google and type in Check my internet speed.  and this example comes up.

Run the Test and this next screen comes up and gives you your download and upload speed.  This is the speed from your provider to your computer.  Don’t check your wifi speed as this has more to do with your router than it does about the speed that is needed.  Let me know via an emial to [email protected]. Thanks, Tim Tollefson


FIRE/EMS, We Want to Hear Your Questions, Comments and Suggestions

Did you know that 42% of your 2021 Town of Harmony taxes go to pay Fire and EMS?  We have set up an E-mail address for questions, comments and suggestions with regard to the Fire/EMS services.  If your not up to date, please read through the postings regarding the break up with the Milton/Milton Township Fire Department.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send us an E-mail and a couple times a week we will try to answer them.  Please ensure you give us your Name and Address in the subject line.  Those that are received without a Name and Address in the subject line will be filed without reading.  Do not attach anything to the email as it will get kicked into spam and deleted.  Here is the E-Mail address

[email protected] 



Fire/EMS UPDATE Town of Milton Purchases Land for New Fire Department 4-6-2021

The Town of Milton has purchased 6 acres of land East of Hwy 26 and Just off Hwy 59.  Please see the press release from the Fredrick’s Family the previous owner of the parcel and a map showing the location of the purchase.



The link below is a powerpoint we made up to first update the Board Members at the meeting on April 5th.  Please view this powerpoint to get updated on what is happening with our Fire/EMS service.  Let me also say this, We are contracted for coverage through the end of this year and we will have coverage next year.  That is what we are working through at this time.