Internet in Your Area and speed?

I am on the County Committee that is looking to improve the internet speed in Rock County and my focus is on the Town of Harmony.  I need to get feedback from people around the Township as to what speed you have and if it is slow, is there another Internet Provider in your area that can give you faster speed?  I live on Kennedy Road.  Our provider that we had two years ago could get us only 4 megabits per second.   That is below poor.  We checked around and found one that can provide Up to 100 mbps.  We signed up and on the average it provides around 50 mbps.  That is enough to run 3 or 4 computers and stream on the TV without problems.  In order to check your speed, go to google and type in Check my internet speed.  and this example comes up.

Run the Test and this next screen comes up and gives you your download and upload speed.  This is the speed from your provider to your computer.  Don’t check your wifi speed as this has more to do with your router than it does about the speed that is needed.  Let me know via an emial to [email protected]. Thanks, Tim Tollefson


FIRE/EMS, We Want to Hear Your Questions, Comments and Suggestions

Did you know that 42% of your 2021 Town of Harmony taxes go to pay Fire and EMS?  We have set up an E-mail address for questions, comments and suggestions with regard to the Fire/EMS services.  If your not up to date, please read through the postings regarding the break up with the Milton/Milton Township Fire Department.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send us an E-mail and a couple times a week we will try to answer them.  Please ensure you give us your Name and Address in the subject line.  Those that are received without a Name and Address in the subject line will be filed without reading.  Do not attach anything to the email as it will get kicked into spam and deleted.  Here is the E-Mail address

[email protected] 



Fire/EMS UPDATE Town of Milton Purchases Land for New Fire Department 4-6-2021

The Town of Milton has purchased 6 acres of land East of Hwy 26 and Just off Hwy 59.  Please see the press release from the Fredrick’s Family the previous owner of the parcel and a map showing the location of the purchase.



The link below is a powerpoint we made up to first update the Board Members at the meeting on April 5th.  Please view this powerpoint to get updated on what is happening with our Fire/EMS service.  Let me also say this, We are contracted for coverage through the end of this year and we will have coverage next year.  That is what we are working through at this time.


Sample Ballots for the April 6 Spring Election

See links below to review sample ballots for the April 6 Spring Election.  Absentee Ballots will start to be mailed out on March 23rd and MUST be returned by 8pm on election day.  

Wards 1-6 Milton School District

Wards 1-6 Janesville School District


I90 Construction Updates for Milton Ave between Hwy 14 and John Paul Road

As part of the I-39/90 Project, construction work is underway on WIS 26/Milton Avenue, between US 14/Humes Road and John Paul Road, in Janesville. Early next week, all WIS 26 traffic will shift onto the northbound lanes within these limits.

What you need to know:

  • One lane CLOSED each way on WIS 26/Milton Avenue between US 14 and John Paul Road.
    • 6 p.m. Monday (March 8) to 6 a.m. Tuesday (March 9)
  • Starting Tuesday morning, all WIS 26 traffic will shift onto the northbound lanes. Watch for crews and equipment in the area. 
    • Two lanes will remain OPEN each way with dedicated turn lanes.
    • The speed limit will be reduced to 30 mph. Please slow down!
    • Plan ahead as backups and delays are expected during peak travel times.
    • Access to local businesses is maintained within the work zone.
  • Learn more about the WIS 26 Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), including a narrated animation video.
  • The WIS 26 ramp to I-39/90 southbound remains CLOSED until late August 2021.
    • Use alternate routes such as US 14 to the southbound Interstate.
  • Below are the expected construction staging plans for this year as we convert the interchange to a DDI – subject to change.
    • Early March to late June
      • Southbound traffic shifted onto northbound side
    • Late June to July
      • Northbound and southbound traffic on their own side
    • Late July to mid-September
      • Northbound traffic shifted to southbound side
    • Mid-September to mid-October
      • All lanes open during peak periods and interchange operating as a DDI while off-road work is finished.
  • All lane restrictions and work operations are weather dependent and subject to change.

Help us share this information and forward this email to family, friends and co-workers who travel WIS 26/Milton Avenue in Janesville. Encourage them to register for project email updates!

STAY INFORMED: I-39/90 Expansion Project website | I-39/90 Project Facebook page | 2021 Construction Guide | Alternate Route Map

For more information, contact:
Steven Theisen
I-39/90 Project Communications Manager
(608) 884-1230 | [email protected]

WisDOT and the I-39/90 Project Team
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Fire Department Meeting 02-24-2021

I feel it important for our residents to understand where our money is being spent and why the Town’s tax levy might have to be increased again.  I have a link below that is a Youtube of the Feb 24, 2021 meeting of the fire commission.  While part of this commission looks at every penny being spent others want to continue to spend.  This meeting is eye opening.  While our contract price tripled from 2020 to 2021 the contract was only for 1 year.  In the past we signed a contract that was three or more years long with small built in increases. I believe we will see another increase of that size or larger for 2022.   I just want our resident informed of what is happening and your voice does count.  We are a contracted entitiy so you do have a say in what is happening.  The next meeting is March 17th at 6pm and is held via zoom.  I will place that link on this website just a day or two before.  Thanks Tim