November Election Absentee Ballot Info


November Election Information

 Updated 09-02-20

Absentee Ballots for everyone that is in the system by September 17th will be mailed out on September 17th. That is when the first batch will be mailed out.   As of 09-02-20 I have just about 600 absentee ballot requests in the system.  I am expecting between 1000 and 1200 absentee ballots will be mailed out.  Please don’t wait till the last minute to request your absentee ballot.  In-Person absentee voting will start on October 20th.  Hours will be from 1pm to 5pm Monday through Friday.  The last day to vote in-person absentee will be Friday October 30th at 5pm.  If those hours do not work for your please call my office and I will make arrangements for voting a different time. 

Absentee Ballot Info


If you are looking for an application for an absentee ballot, there are several ways to get a copy of the application.

1. at the bottom of this note there is a link for a copy.  Fill that out, make a copy of your ID and either Email it to [email protected] or mail to 5818 N Kennedy Road, Milton WI 53563.  You may also drop off at the Town Hall.


2.  Go to and request an absentee ballot.  You may have to download a picture of your ID. This process takes less than 5 minutes. 


Don’t wait till the last minute to request a ballot.  Request yours today. 


Absentee Ballot Returns


Absentee ballots must be at the Town Hall by 8pm election day. Ballots returned to me after 8pm will not be counted. If you mail the ballot back after the Thursday before the election it may not arrive in time to be counted.  You have options for returning your ballot.  We have had very few problems with the postal system but you need to mail your ballot back early.   


1. Mail it back


2. Drop it off at the Town Hall.  If I am not here, you can slide it under the door where my mail is delivered.  The office building is open from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday.


3. There is a drop box at my house.  It is located at the bottom of my driveway next to the gate of the entrance to my downstairs.  This box is under 24-hour surveillance and that is why I chose to put it there.  Putting a drop box at the Town Hall concerned me as there is no surveillance. Please do not drop your ballot in my mailbox.  That is actually against the law. 


For all those people who signup to receive an absentee ballot before mid-September, the first ballots will be mailed on or around September 17th.  If you plan to vote “in-person absentee” that will not start till October 20th.   




Election Day Voting


The November Election will be a busy election.  At this time, I have to assume that the Covid virus will still be around so we are planning to run the in-person voting the same way we did in April and August.  For the safety of everyone, we have to limit the number of people in the Town Hall and in the hallway to the Town Hall.  That means there may be wait lines outside the building.   I will post more info on our website as the election gets closer.




Tim Tollefson



Absentee Ballot Application


Remember to enclose a copy of your ID with the Absentee Request.  

Request an Absentee Ballot On-line 

Voter Registration form

Be sure to include a proof of residence.


November General Election

The November General Election is just around the corner and I wanted to provide some information to those that want to vote absentee.  Many of our residents will received absentee application post cards or mailers in the mail.  These are NOT sent by the Town, County or State.  They are sent by outside political organizations.  When voters mail these to me, at least 50% of the cases the voter does not meet the qualifications set by state statute to receive an absentee ballot.  Should you choose to use this form, keep in mind that I need to have a copy of your ID on file, so please include a copy of your picture ID when you mail the form to me.  If you are not sure if one is on file, send me an Email and I can find out if you have one on file.  If the voter sends me this form and I do not have your picture ID on file I will attempt to make contact to inform you with either an Email, letter or phone call, but I do not have time to continue to follow up with everyone so I make one attempt.  During a general election I can receive 100 or more of these forms.  The best way to get an absentee and know whether or not you have a picture ID on file is to go to and apply online.  It takes only a few minutes.  This is also a great way to see if you are already signed up for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you.  Or you can fill out the form on the link below, make a copy of your photo ID and mail or Email this form and ID to me.  I want to make sure that everyone who wants to absentee vote is able to do so.  If you are looking to vote absentee, get signed up today.  Those that are signed up by mid-September, the ballots will be mailed out 45 days out from the election.  If you are not voting the ballot right away, set it somewhere you will remember, and vote the ballot to get it to me in plenty of time before the election.  If you have questions, please let me know.



Tim Tollefson, Clerk

[email protected]

Chip Sealing in Harmony

Starting the week of August 16th, Rock County Pulbic Works will be doing the Chip Sealing in the Grandview, Rolling Hills and Vineyard Subdivisons.  This work was planned to be done much eariler in the year but with the Covid outbreak the Public Works Department had to close for almost 2 months setting their schedule far behind.  Chip Sealing is where they lay down a liquid coat of tar and place small rock chips over.  This can extend the life of a road by up to 10 years.  Then sometime in the next two weeks a sweeper vacuum will go over the roads to sweep up a major portion of the lose chips.  Yes some of the chips end up in the ditchlines but these get integrated into the soil very quickly.  Once the chips are down please drive slowly on the roads.  

Election Day Information August 11, 2020

Posted July 31, 2020…..this maybe updated from time to time, so please check back.

Election day is August 11, 2020 and the polls are open from 7am to 8pm.  I want to telll you what to expect on election day due to Covid-19.  I would expect there to be waiting lines, not so much to do with the amount of people but due to the fact we must limit the number of people we can allow in the Town Hall and in the hallway leading to the Town Hall for the safety of everyone.  We will be social distancing with at least 6 feet and X’s will be on the floor showing where to stand.  There will be election inspectors to help guild you through the whole process. The entrance to the Town Hall will be at the front of the building and the exit will be to the back of the building. We have taken all precautions possible to help in protecting everyone.  If at all possible, please arrange for care for your children outside of the building but we know that may be impossible in some cases.  We also ask that everyone touch as little as possible in the building to help prevent spread of this virus.  Please see the Governors orders for face masks.  Should you not have a pen with you, we will provide a pen that you can take with you or drop in a bucket.  NO GEL PENS ALLOWED.  Our inspectors will be disinfecting surfaces through out the day, as you leave your voting booth an inspector will be cleaning that booth.  We will take an hourly sanitizing break for inspectors to wash their hands and clean their work stations.  Please bring your picture ID with you and have it ready.  There will be a plexiglass barrior between you and the inspectors at the tables.  Please hold your picture ID up so the inspectors can read the license, but please don’t touch the plexiglass. By State Statute you must tell the inspector your name and address along with showing your ID.  Please approach the ballot tables one person at a time even if you are family. 

If you would like to register to vote on election day, that will happen at the front entrance area with a table set up.  Our election inspectors will explain the procedure to you.  Be sure to bring not only your ID but also your proof of residence.  Proof of residence is a document that shows your name and your current address.  Acceptable documents are listed on the Wisconsin Election Commission website.  If your drivers license or State ID has your current address on it, it becomes your ID and your proof of residence. 

We ask for everyone’s patience during this time.  Every voter that came through in April was very understanding of procedure to run our election.  So come and enjoy your right to vote.  Should you have any questions please feel free to give me a call. 

Thank you and lets have a safe and great election!

Tim Tollefson Clerk, Town of Harmony    

Computer Training for the Board Monday July 27

Members of the Town Board will be coming to the Town Hall on Monday July 27, 2020 at 6pm for computer training.  There may be a quorum of the board present.  No town business will be discussed at the training meeting.


Tim Tollefson Clerk

In-person Absentee Voting Starts July 28th

In-person Absentee Voting will start on July 28th.  It will run Tuesday July 28th through Thursday July 30th from 1:15pm to 5pm and again August 3rd through August 7th from 1:15pm to 5pm.  Please bring your ID to vote.  If you are going to register to vote you will need an ID and proof of residence.  If your drivers license or State ID has your correct address it serves as both ID and proof of residence.  Other items for proof of residence include Utility bills, bank statements, Governement issued bills or statements with your name and current address.  If you would like,you can register to vote at  you can also request an absentee ballot be sent to you on the website.  Here are the sample ballot for the election

Ward 1

Wards 2-5

Ward 6


7-6-2020 Advanced Disposal Delayed Pickups

Advanced Disposal had problems with a truck on todays route 7-6-2020.  This impacts the following Roads.  

Palakwia, Rotamer, Galaxy, Saturn, Polaris, Apollo, Dorado, Lunar, Old Humes.

Please leave your trash cans out and they will be picked up on Tuesday 7-7-2020.


Tim Tollefson


July 6th Town Board Meeting at 7pm

The next Town Board meeting is scheduled for July 6, 2020 and will be held in-person and via Zoom.  The information to attend via Zoom is at the bottom of the agenda.  If you are attending using your computer, your computer must have a camera, microphone and speaker.  Or you can attend via one of the phone numbers listed.  Long distance rates may apply.  Questions please give me a call.  Thanks Tim Tollefson


August 11th Election

Posted June 26th, 2020.  On June 25th all of the absentee ballot requests that were in the system (327 of them) were mailed out.  You will notice a change in how the envelopes look.  The envelopes now have a label on the as opposed to hand written.  The envelopes have a bar code on them that the post office will scan when received.  This will allow us to track the delivery of the envelopes and will update the progress in my vote.  Not only does this give us added security it allows you to track the envelopes coming to you by going into  If you want to receive an absentee ballot for the August and/or the November election, please go to the link above and request one. I will have inperson absentee voting starting in late July.  Please watch the election area for more into. 

The August election is a “Partisan Primary”  which means you may only vote in one parties primary.  When you receive your absentee ballot there are instructions for voting this ballot and they are posted under the elections button.   

I moved the election icon to the landing page of this website to make it easier to access.  At this point the August 11th election is being planned to run the same way we did it in April with only one table and limiting the amount of people allowed in the Hall and the building.  So yes that means there may be lines having to wait outside the building.  We will also have just the front door as the entrance and the back door as the exit. Please keep your eye on the election page of our website as I will post info as I receive it.  


Tim Tollefson

Clerk Town of Harmony