Internet in Your Area and speed?

I am on the County Committee that is looking to improve the internet speed in Rock County and my focus is on the Town of Harmony.  I need to get feedback from people around the Township as to what speed you have and if it is slow, is there another Internet Provider in your area that can give you faster speed?  I live on Kennedy Road.  Our provider that we had two years ago could get us only 4 megabits per second.   That is below poor.  We checked around and found one that can provide Up to 100 mbps.  We signed up and on the average it provides around 50 mbps.  That is enough to run 3 or 4 computers and stream on the TV without problems.  In order to check your speed, go to google and type in Check my internet speed.  and this example comes up.

Run the Test and this next screen comes up and gives you your download and upload speed.  This is the speed from your provider to your computer.  Don’t check your wifi speed as this has more to do with your router than it does about the speed that is needed.  Let me know via an emial to townclerk@townofharmonycom. Thanks, Tim Tollefson