Fire Department Meeting 02-24-2021

I feel it important for our residents to understand where our money is being spent and why the Town’s tax levy might have to be increased again.  I have a link below that is a Youtube of the Feb 24, 2021 meeting of the fire commission.  While part of this commission looks at every penny being spent others want to continue to spend.  This meeting is eye opening.  While our contract price tripled from 2020 to 2021 the contract was only for 1 year.  In the past we signed a contract that was three or more years long with small built in increases. I believe we will see another increase of that size or larger for 2022.   I just want our resident informed of what is happening and your voice does count.  We are a contracted entitiy so you do have a say in what is happening.  The next meeting is March 17th at 6pm and is held via zoom.  I will place that link on this website just a day or two before.  Thanks Tim