Budget Meeting and Meeting of Electors November 9th at 7pm

There will be a budget meeting and meeting of electors on November 9th at 7pm.  We will discuss the budget for 2021 and will hold a meeting of electors to seek to raise the Levi Limit by $300,000 to pay for a new contract with the Milton Fire Department that has increased by 3 times what the cost was for 2020.  The cost in 2020 was $72,920 and for 2021 will be 225,158.  It will also help to pay for road work in 2021 with scheduled projects being M-H Townline road from Kennedy to County Y and from Henke to Vickerman.  A 2 year project.  Also we would like to rebuild Wicox a project we have put off for 6 years, Chip sealing in several subdisvisons and more.  I will post more on the contract with the Milton Fire Department in the near future. 


Tim Tollefson Clerk