COVID and the November Election

As most of you have seen, there has been a spike in Covid cases over the last few weeks.  While I am not trying to talk people into or out of requesting and absentee ballot, I wanted to say that we just over 4 weeks out from the election.  If you are thinking about requesting a ballot for the November Election, now is the time.  We have plenty of time at this point for you to receive your ballot and get it back to me prior to the election.  Using is a simple way to request a ballot or if you want to, I have attached an absentee ballot application to the bottom of this notice, you can either mail a copy to me at the below address, drop off in the drop box at that address or you can just drop it off at the Town Hall and I will get you an absentee ballot.  Should you drop off or mail to me, please include a photo copy of your ID (like a drivers license) in the envelope.  Should I not be in the office you can slide it under the door as this is where my mail gets delivered.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to Email me at [email protected] or call 608-563-4477.  Please take the time to read the other notices about the November election.  Here is the copy of the absentee application.  Fill in the Blue boxes and ensure you sign and date.

Mailing Address 5818 N Kennedy Road, Milton WI 53563

Town Hall  440 N U.S. Hwy 14, Janesville WI 53546  Next to Silha Construction.

One last thought, share this with friends and family on social media.  This information is really for anyone in the State not just Harmony.  

Thanks and have a great day!

Tim Tollefson

Clerk, Town of Harmony