Advanced Disposal Bulk Pickups

Advanced Disposal has resumed their bulk pickup schedule.  Our next bulk pickup is scheduled for June 8th.  This includes all electronics such as TVs, Computers, Monitors, applicances and so on.  If you have bulk items for pickup please call customer care at 1-800-248-2373 before June 5th at 2pm.  you will need to give them a list of what you are putting out, your name and address.  Please write down the name of the person you spoke with at Advanced in case for some reason they do not pick up your bulk items.  Please give them till Tuesday June 6th as I am sure there will be more bulk items than normal. Items inluded are Ewaste, large items too big to put in your container, tires (limited amount) Furniture, Mattresses,  Should you be told that you can’t put out Electronic items, please remind them you are in the Town of Harmony Rock County and our contract allows our residents to put E-waste for bulk pickup.


Tim Tollefson