Road Work 2020

Updated 06-03-20.  I just wanted to let everyone know that at this point the County is running behind by 3 to 4 weeks.  Due to Covid-19 Rock County Public Works was running on a skeleton crew so was basicly shut down for as much as 7 weeks.  Normally much of work would be completed by now.  For the roads where chip sealing was to happen around Memorial Day, that will likely happen closer to July 4th.  

Just to keep everyone up to date with regard to roadwork for this year.  

We will be chip sealing the following roads

Rolling Hills Subdivsion Sable Drive, Sable Ct, Pine Tree Ct.

Grandview Subdivision  Pleasant (west of NW Rotamer), Waverly, Grandview, Sylvan

The Vineyard   Zinfandel, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Catawba

Chip sealing is required as it will extend the life of a road by 7 to 12 years.  It does create a lot of gravel on the road and that gravel must be on the road for two weeks depending on the weather.  We have asked that the county hire the city of Janesville to come in and sweep the roads after about two weeks to minimize the amount of gravel on the roads after the sweep. This is scheduled to happen around Memorial Day so we wanted to prepare everyone.

The remainder of the roads will patch work like you see on most of our roads.  Last year we changed from doing grader patching to a much better practice where the road ride much smoother and it should hold up better.  Everyone of our major roads will get some patch work done this year.  As always the roads that receive the highest traffic counts get the work done first.  But all of the non subdivision roads will have work done on them this year.  We will also be crack filling a number of roads through out the township Such as East Rotamer, Bingham, Galaxy, Apollo, Lunar, Saturn and Polaris and sections of Town Hall Road. 

We received a grant from the State of Wisconsin for Harmony and Town of Milton to redo sections of Townline Road.  The sections are From Kennedy Road to County Y and from Henke to Vickerman (Tarrant Rd).  We anticipate this work will start happening in 2021.   

Our road traffic from heaviest traffic to lowest is as follows (does not include subdivison roads)

Town Hall Road

Newville Road (we share this road with Town of Janesville)

Townline Road (we share this road wth Town of Milton

Kennedy Road

NW Rotamer Road

Henke Road

E Rotamer

Milton Shopiere Road

Bingham Road

Tarrant Road



Tim Tollelfson