April 7th Election Information Updated April 2nd

This will be an election I don’t think we will forget for a long time.  While this is not an awards show I do want to thank some people and when you see these people you all need to thank them.  First I want to thank Lucille Vickerman who is our Chief Election Inspector who has been working tirelessly for the last month or better to ensure this election is planned out. Lucille has been staying in constant contact with all of our election inspectors.  Working by her side is Linda Zainer the assistant Chief inspector.  The work they have done is more than appreciated and I can’t thank them enough.  When you see them be sure to thank them (from a distance) for all the work they are doing.  I also want to thank the entire team of election inspectors whether they have stepped back from this election or not.  The decision to as to whether to work this election or not has been a very stessful decision for everyone. 

And thanks to everyone that voted absentee.  We are just over 700 absentee voters and about 80% of those are first time absentee.  For those, it will be much easier to request and absentee in the future should they need to.  On the subject of absentee.  We are getting close to election day and as of today, your ballot must be returned to me no later then 8pm on election day.  Should that change, I will post an update.  So if you have not mailed your ballot here are other options to return your absentee.  You can return these to my office at the town hall.  You can slide them under the door, as this is where my mail is delivered.  The office building is open Weekdays 7am to 4pm.  OR  I have have a box at my house.  At the bottom of my driveway there is a tan box located on the fence by the gate that goes into my basement.  I check this box several times a day.  My address is 5818 N Kennedy Road. 

As stated earlier, this will be an election to remember.  I want to give you a glimps of what election day will be like.  The hall is not set up as usual.  There will only be one line.  We are working on a skeleton crew so I would expect lines, not due so to the amount of people but due to the fact that we must limit the amount of people in the town hall and in the hallway to the town hall, so at times I would expect to stand outside.  Do your best not to touch anything and we have done what we can to keep touching of anything to a minimum.  When you show your ID please DO NOT hand it to the election inspector.  Please hold it so they can see it and state your name and address.   Everyone must use the front door of the building and exit out the back door of the building.  There will be Xs taped on the floor to stand on.  Couples will be required to stand separatly on the Xs because we must limit the amount of people in the building.  If at all possible please don’t bring children.   There will be signs going down the hallway to the town hall that everyone should read.  They give direction and are a good reminder of what to do and what not to do.  We have put up plexiglas sneeze guards.  We will prop all doors open to minimize cross contamination.  We will be cleaning and sanitizing all day long. We will be breaking hourly or more, for all election workers to wash hands.  Here is something I never thought I would have to warn people of, the possibility of a stronger smell of sanitizers in the building. 

We have done what ever we can to minimize the possiblity of the spread of Covid-19 and with everyone’s cooperation we will keep everyone safe.  Should anything change over the next days I will post updates.


Tim Tollefson