Absentee Voting and covid19 Update 03-22-2020

Absnetee Voting Updated 03-27-2020 This note covers absentee voting by mail and in-person absentee voting.  This information may change daily or even quicker as things are changing by the minute.

As of Monday March 23rd In-Person absentee voting at my office will consist of dropping off written applications for absentee voting.  Applications for absentee voting are on the link below.  A copy of your ID, such as a drivers license or state id is required with that written application.  Applications should be placed in an envelope and slid under the door.  Over the weekend please place requests at my home in a tan box that is located at the bottom of my driveway next to the gate that enters my basement.  I will mail absentee ballots to all that apply and qualify.  Be sure to put your phone number on the application.  There is still plenty of time to do this by mail.


For those that can, I recommend that you go to www.myvote.wi.gov and apply for an absentee.  Yes, you may have to download a picture of your ID.  If you feel uncomforatble with downloading a copy, then you will need to follow the previous directions to drop off at my office or mail to my office at 440 N Hwy 14, Janesville WI 53546

You can also send me an email to [email protected] with either an application and copies of your ID or just a simple request saying (I am requesting an absentee ballot for the next election) Listing your full names and addresses along with copies of your IDs.

For those who are not have access to a computer and call into my office, I will send them an absentee ballot application in the mail.  

I am awaiting further direction from The Wisconsin Election Commission, The Rock County Health Department and the Wisconsin Towns Association concerning this election.  As more information is gathered things may change, so please check this message often.  I also ask that you use Facebook, Twitter and any other social media to get the word out on absentee voting.  Tell your neighbors by phone to sign up for updates on our website, this is the exact reason our residents should be signed up.  This is what the subscription is designed for.

On election day the voting experiance is going to be much different than in the past.  I would expect extended wait times due to polling places running on skeleton crews, rules on keeping your distance of at least 6 feet while in line, and the possiblility of having to wait outside the building as we must limit the number of people allowed in the building.  Also, we will only allow voters to enter the front of the building and exit through the back door to limit exposure, except for those with a disablity that limits their mobility.  On top of that, something I never ever thought I would have to mention, the smell of disinfectants in the room as we continue to sanitize the room through out the day. As we get closer to the election I will put additional information on this website as to what to expect.

We have entered a different time, and I hope that we will return to normal times sooner than later.  I encourage all of you to please share this post with everyone you know in Harmony.  I am working 12 to 16 hours a day right now to keep up with the absentee applications I am receiving and I am getting out all ballots in the mail the same day I receive the applications.  I have talked with the post offices in the area and I know when to have ballots to the post office to hit the next truck going to the postal distribution center in Milwaukee so the speed up the delivery.    I am working to set up the town hall so we can limit exposure to everyone and continue to sanitize everything.  

Everyone stay healthy and safe.


Tim Tollefson