Absentee Voting and covid19 Update

Posted Saturday March 21st   Absentee Voting.  While I am putting together a plan for in-person absentee voting for the remainder of this election I highly recommend that everyone us the absentee voting by mail option.  www.myvote.wi.gov is the fastest way to apply for an absentee ballot to be issued by mail.  Within seconds of the voter submitting the requests, the request hits my computer.  You may have to upload a copy of your ID such as your drivers license or state id. You have till April 2nd to request an absentee ballot by mail, however the faster you do this the better, as mailing times vary.  I am working hard to ensure I mail all ballots on the same day I receive the request and at this point I have met that goal.  As of this morning all 300 plus requests have been processed the same day I received them and in the mail.  This is the prefered method for voting absentee. 

A little about Security.  I have had a number of residents concerned over uploading a copy of their drivers license or state ID.  We all worry about things like this.  I can say that the Wisconsin Election Commission site is one of the most secure sites out there.  The information you are uploading is already within Wisconsin’s data base.  The Election Commission just bounces the information you submit against what is already there.

On Sunday evening I will post information on the in-person absentee voting hours and how it will work.  I am working with the County and other local municipalities to find the safest method of in-person absentee voting to protect the voters and election officials. 

Thank you and stay safe

Tim Tollefson