Spring Primary/Presidential Preference Election 4-7-20

Update, Today March 18th is the last day to register to vote electronicly at  www.myvote.wi.gov .  After today you can register only at the polling location when you vote either on election day or if you come in to vote in-person absentee.  If you register in person you will need to bring your ID and proof of residence.  If your drivers license address matches your current address that is all that is needed.

I wanted to update everyone on the election on April 7.  Many of our residents may feel uncomfortable coming to vote  on election day with the current concerns over covid 19.  On election day and prior, all of our election inspectors will be working hard to keep the town hall clean and wiped down through out the day. For those voting on election day you may bring your own Black or Blue pen to vote.  Sorry NO gel pens can be used to vote. 

 I wanted to let you know some of your options for voting in case you feel uncomfortable with voting on election day.

1. Go to myvote.wi.gov and request an absentee ballot.  Within seconds of requesting a ballot I receive notification of your request and I will be mailing ballots on the same day I recieve your request.  You may have to download a copy of your ID if there is not one registered on file.  You can use your phone to take a picture of your ID and attach to the form.

2. Posted just below on this page is a copy of the absentee application.  You can fill this form out and Email it to me.  I do need a copy of your ID emailed with this form.  

If you request an absentee be mailed to you, please take into consideration mailing time.  I find that it may take 3 to 4 days in the mail each way.  So please request your ballot as soon as possible.  Again, the day I receive your application is the day your ballot is in the mail.  



3. I will be conducting in-person absentee voting at the Town Hall Mondays through Thursdays from 1pm to 5:30pm.  During the in-person absentee hours we have not experianced lines or crowds in the past.  I do ask that you call ahead of time to verify I am in the office.  From time to time I am pulled into meetings and may be out during some hours.  I am going to do everything to ensure I am in the office or an election inspector is in the office to take care of your needs.  In the event these times do not work for you, let me know.  I can make arrangements for other times.  

I will continue to update this section as I receive more information from the Wisconsin Election Commission.  We are receiving updates daily and should I recieve any information that needs to be shared I will post here.  

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or send an Email.  


Tim Tollefson Clerk


[email protected]