Next Years Elections

As we head into next year and prepare for the elections, I will be posting information on each election as we approach each one.  One thing to watch for are registration forms and absentee voter letters or forms you may receive in the mail.  It will come with a return envelope and have voter registration applications or applications for absentee voting.  These are not sent out by this office, the county clerks office or the state of Wisconsin.  My recomendation is to not use these as a large percentage of these are not filled out incorrectly or are missing required information.  Which means that I must contact the person who sends it to me and request if be filled out correctly or to provide missing documentation.  My recomendation is to either use or to come into my office and fill out the paperwork. takes only a few minutes to fill out and your done.  The information on your drivers license or state ID must match your current address.  I recommend that you read through the information on our website, it is listed under Government and then click on Election Information.  Any questions please call.  Thanks Tim Tollefson, Clerk Town of Harmony