7-6-2020 Advanced Disposal Delayed Pickups

Advanced Disposal had problems with a truck on todays route 7-6-2020.  This impacts the following Roads.  

Palakwia, Rotamer, Galaxy, Saturn, Polaris, Apollo, Dorado, Lunar, Old Humes.

Please leave your trash cans out and they will be picked up on Tuesday 7-7-2020.


Tim Tollefson


July 6th Town Board Meeting at 7pm

The next Town Board meeting is scheduled for July 6, 2020 and will be held in-person and via Zoom.  The information to attend via Zoom is at the bottom of the agenda.  If you are attending using your computer, your computer must have a camera, microphone and speaker.  Or you can attend via one of the phone numbers listed.  Long distance rates may apply.  Questions please give me a call.  Thanks Tim Tollefson



August 11th Election

Posted June 26th, 2020.  On June 25th all of the absentee ballot requests that were in the system (327 of them) were mailed out.  You will notice a change in how the envelopes look.  The envelopes now have a label on the as opposed to hand written.  The envelopes have a bar code on them that the post office will scan when received.  This will allow us to track the delivery of the envelopes and will update the progress in my vote.  Not only does this give us added security it allows you to track the envelopes coming to you by going into www.myvote.wi.gov.  If you want to receive an absentee ballot for the August and/or the November election, please go to the link above and request one. I will have inperson absentee voting starting in late July.  Please watch the election area for more into. 

The August election is a “Partisan Primary”  which means you may only vote in one parties primary.  When you receive your absentee ballot there are instructions for voting this ballot and they are posted under the elections button.   

I moved the election icon to the landing page of this website to make it easier to access.  At this point the August 11th election is being planned to run the same way we did it in April with only one table and limiting the amount of people allowed in the Hall and the building.  So yes that means there may be lines having to wait outside the building.  We will also have just the front door as the entrance and the back door as the exit. Please keep your eye on the election page of our website as I will post info as I receive it.  


Tim Tollefson

Clerk Town of Harmony

Kennedy Road Work and Closure

We wanted to alert residents that sometime in June work will be happening on Kennedy Road West of the interstate.  The Town of Harmony and the City of Janesville have entered into an agreement to complete the section of Kennedy Road where the State DOT left off, west to where the curb and gutter are alread installed in the City of Janesville.  This agreement will save the Town of Harmony between $30,000 and $50,000 dollars.  The City of Janesville has left over tax incremental financing money that was set aside for this business district and needs to use these fund prior to a deadline.  The Town looses nothing and gains a nice new road.  Just as a heads up this will mean a road closure during this time frame.  I have asked the City to ensure emergency services is aware of this closure and if at all possible leave a lane open for emergency services.  


Tim Tollefson  Clerk

New Ordinances

At the June 2nd meeting two ordinances were passed.  Please see below.  The first ordinance is a revision ordinance making group homes permited only by Conditional Use Permit in the Rural Residential District and the Local Commercial District.  

The second ordinance is to make the position of the Town’s Treasurer position an appointed position instead of an elected position.  It must be approved by referendum at the August Election.  Many Town’s in Rock County have this as an appointed position.  In the event that the City of Janesville annexes the property where the Treasurer lives, it would not impact that position.  This has happened in the past.  




June 2nd, Town Board Meeting and Public Hearings

There will be a Town Board meeting and Public Hearing on June 2nd.  Please see the link below.  This will be an in-person and Zoom meeting.  The information to join this meeting via zoom is at the bottom half of the agenda.  Should you have questions or comments please email them to [email protected],com or call 608-563-4477.




Advanced Disposal Bulk Pickups

Advanced Disposal has resumed their bulk pickup schedule.  Our next bulk pickup is scheduled for June 8th.  This includes all electronics such as TVs, Computers, Monitors, applicances and so on.  If you have bulk items for pickup please call customer care at 1-800-248-2373 before June 5th at 2pm.  you will need to give them a list of what you are putting out, your name and address.  Please write down the name of the person you spoke with at Advanced in case for some reason they do not pick up your bulk items.  Please give them till Tuesday June 6th as I am sure there will be more bulk items than normal. Items inluded are Ewaste, large items too big to put in your container, tires (limited amount) Furniture, Mattresses,  Should you be told that you can’t put out Electronic items, please remind them you are in the Town of Harmony Rock County and our contract allows our residents to put E-waste for bulk pickup.


Tim Tollefson

Road Work 2020

Updated 06-03-20.  I just wanted to let everyone know that at this point the County is running behind by 3 to 4 weeks.  Due to Covid-19 Rock County Public Works was running on a skeleton crew so was basicly shut down for as much as 7 weeks.  Normally much of work would be completed by now.  For the roads where chip sealing was to happen around Memorial Day, that will likely happen closer to July 4th.  

Just to keep everyone up to date with regard to roadwork for this year.  

We will be chip sealing the following roads

Rolling Hills Subdivsion Sable Drive, Sable Ct, Pine Tree Ct.

Grandview Subdivision  Pleasant (west of NW Rotamer), Waverly, Grandview, Sylvan

The Vineyard   Zinfandel, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Catawba

Chip sealing is required as it will extend the life of a road by 7 to 12 years.  It does create a lot of gravel on the road and that gravel must be on the road for two weeks depending on the weather.  We have asked that the county hire the city of Janesville to come in and sweep the roads after about two weeks to minimize the amount of gravel on the roads after the sweep. This is scheduled to happen around Memorial Day so we wanted to prepare everyone.

The remainder of the roads will patch work like you see on most of our roads.  Last year we changed from doing grader patching to a much better practice where the road ride much smoother and it should hold up better.  Everyone of our major roads will get some patch work done this year.  As always the roads that receive the highest traffic counts get the work done first.  But all of the non subdivision roads will have work done on them this year.  We will also be crack filling a number of roads through out the township Such as East Rotamer, Bingham, Galaxy, Apollo, Lunar, Saturn and Polaris and sections of Town Hall Road. 

We received a grant from the State of Wisconsin for Harmony and Town of Milton to redo sections of Townline Road.  The sections are From Kennedy Road to County Y and from Henke to Vickerman (Tarrant Rd).  We anticipate this work will start happening in 2021.   

Our road traffic from heaviest traffic to lowest is as follows (does not include subdivison roads)

Town Hall Road

Newville Road (we share this road with Town of Janesville)

Townline Road (we share this road wth Town of Milton

Kennedy Road

NW Rotamer Road

Henke Road

E Rotamer

Milton Shopiere Road

Bingham Road

Tarrant Road



Tim Tollelfson