Re Districting and Municipal Voting Wards (Districts)

With the County completing their part of the re-districting the Towns, Villiages and Cities must complete their wards for voting.  Wards or districts are to be between the popultions of 300 to 1000.  The Town of Harmony will now have two County Board Supervisors.  One supervisor covers wards 1 and 2.  Another County Board Supervisor covers ward 3.  The population for each ward is, Ward 1 is 779, Ward 2 is 839 and ward 3 is 951.  You will see Ward 4 on the attached map.  Ward 4 is an error in the state mapping that will be cleaned up in the future.  Ward 4 has Right of Ways the Town of Harmony holds for property that the City of Janesville annexed from the Town a number of years ago.  There is 0 population in ward 4.    Please review the items below.  Note: This must still be reviewed by the State of Wisconsin as they must put in Congressional Districts, so it is possible these may change, but state law requires that the County must approve first and then the Municipalitys must draw out their wards and approve and then the State.  By the way, in the 2020 census the Town of Harmony population increase was zero (0).  


Resolution To Approve



Tim Tollefson

Clerk, Town of Harmony