Open Book and Board of Review Forms

Below are links to forms for the Open Book and Board of Review.  I always recommend attending the Open Book, as this is a time to meet with the Assessor and discuss your valuation.  The Board of Review is a quasi legal proceeding where the Board looks at the information that is provided by the property owner and the Assessor.  

Open Book Request Form.  Please fill out and return to J&D Pounder at [email protected] to make an appointment.  If you just show up at open book without an appointment, just remember that appointments are taken first.

Property owners guide to property taxes.  This is a booklet made by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to help guide all property owners through Open Book and Board of Review.  A recommended read if you going to Board of Review

Objection to real propertyh Assessment form.  This must be filled out prior to coming to the Board of Review proceedings.  You Must notify the Town Clerk by May 22nd, 2021 if you plan to object to your real property assessment.  Please read through the Property Owners Guide.


Tim Tollefson