Board of Review Date set for May 24th starting at 6pm

Board of Review date is set for May 24th 2021 starting at 6pm and must run at least two hours.  The board of review is a meeting of the Town Board to reveiw any contentions to the value of a property.  After discussing your concerns with the Accessor at Open Book you may elect to attend the Board of Review Session and the Accessor can give you the forms you will need to fill out and turn in prior to the Board of Review Date.  ( I will also be posting those forms on our website)  The Town Board will listen to and see what evidence you are presenting and make a determination.  Keep in mind, that State requires that the board presume that the value set by the accessor is correct and the property owner is responsible to proov that the accessors value is wrong.  That is why I say please do your homework.  I can’t do the work but I am here to help guide you through this process.  Please see legal notice posted below

Legal Posting