Judges orders on November General Election

Many of you have heard about a judges orders on the November 3rd General Election.  As of right now there is a stay order on this meaning it will not take effect for 7 days.  I am certain that this decision will be bounced around to different judges  and no one knows what will happen with this decsion.  At this point everyone should request their ballot now.  Take the time to decide who you want to vote for and return your ballot with plenty of time to get back to me.  I have a drop box at my house 5818 N Kennedy Road Milton.  Located at the bottom of driveway on the fence next to the gate where we enter the basement.  you can also drop your ballot at the Town Hall 440 N US Hwy 14.  Next to Silha Construction.  I am in the office most days from 1 to 5 and during elections I am usually there many more hours.  Call ahead and make sure I am in the office.  608-563-4477.  You can also slide your ballot under my door at the Town Hall if I am not in the office.  That is where my mail gets delivered at the office.  If you are dropping at the post office and to speed up the return you can drop them at the counter as opposed using their mailboxes.  That cuts out at least a day or two in delivery time.  If you want to drop at the counter then please drop at the Milton Post office.  Again, please just plan to have your ballot to me by November 3rd and there would be no problems no matter how this decision goes.  Questions, please let me know.  Email me at [email protected] or 608-563-4477


Tim Tollefson