November Election Referendum on the Ballot

On the November Ballot the Town of Harmony has a referendum.  The questions appears like pictured.  Question:  Shall the person holding the office of Town Treasurer in the Town of Harmony be appointed by the Town Board?  

Right now the Treasurer position is an elected position.  Our last Treasurer had to leave the position because her property was annexed into the City of Janesville.  Elected positons must live in the Town of Harmony to serve.  Mary Check is our current Treasurer and does a great job for the residents in Harmony.  Her property is surrounded by the City of Janesville and to avoid losing her should her property be annexed, we are looking to make the Treasurer position an appointed position where the person is not required to live in Harmony.  More than half of the Town’s in Rock County have this position as an appointed position.  Its a tough position to fill as the pay is not great for the amount of work a treasurer is required to do.  So we ask that you vote yes on the referendum.  As always if you have questions, please let me know.


Tim Tollefson

Clerk, Town of Harmony