November General Election

The November General Election is just around the corner and I wanted to provide some information to those that want to vote absentee.  Many of our residents will received absentee application post cards or mailers in the mail.  These are NOT sent by the Town, County or State.  They are sent by outside political organizations.  When voters mail these to me, at least 50% of the cases the voter does not meet the qualifications set by state statute to receive an absentee ballot.  Should you choose to use this form, keep in mind that I need to have a copy of your ID on file, so please include a copy of your picture ID when you mail the form to me.  If you are not sure if one is on file, send me an Email and I can find out if you have one on file.  If the voter sends me this form and I do not have your picture ID on file I will attempt to make contact to inform you with either an Email, letter or phone call, but I do not have time to continue to follow up with everyone so I make one attempt.  During a general election I can receive 100 or more of these forms.  The best way to get an absentee and know whether or not you have a picture ID on file is to go to and apply online.  It takes only a few minutes.  This is also a great way to see if you are already signed up for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you.  Or you can fill out the form on the link below, make a copy of your photo ID and mail or Email this form and ID to me.  I want to make sure that everyone who wants to absentee vote is able to do so.  If you are looking to vote absentee, get signed up today.  Those that are signed up by mid-September, the ballots will be mailed out 45 days out from the election.  If you are not voting the ballot right away, set it somewhere you will remember, and vote the ballot to get it to me in plenty of time before the election.  If you have questions, please let me know.



Tim Tollefson, Clerk

[email protected]