In-person Absentee Voting Starts July 28th

In-person Absentee Voting will start on July 28th.  It will run Tuesday July 28th through Thursday July 30th from 1:15pm to 5pm and again August 3rd through August 7th from 1:15pm to 5pm.  Please bring your ID to vote.  If you are going to register to vote you will need an ID and proof of residence.  If your drivers license or State ID has your correct address it serves as both ID and proof of residence.  Other items for proof of residence include Utility bills, bank statements, Governement issued bills or statements with your name and current address.  If you would like,you can register to vote at  you can also request an absentee ballot be sent to you on the website.  Here are the sample ballot for the election

Ward 1

Wards 2-5

Ward 6