August 11th Election

Posted June 26th, 2020.  On June 25th all of the absentee ballot requests that were in the system (327 of them) were mailed out.  You will notice a change in how the envelopes look.  The envelopes now have a label on the as opposed to hand written.  The envelopes have a bar code on them that the post office will scan when received.  This will allow us to track the delivery of the envelopes and will update the progress in my vote.  Not only does this give us added security it allows you to track the envelopes coming to you by going into  If you want to receive an absentee ballot for the August and/or the November election, please go to the link above and request one. I will have inperson absentee voting starting in late July.  Please watch the election area for more into. 

The August election is a “Partisan Primary”  which means you may only vote in one parties primary.  When you receive your absentee ballot there are instructions for voting this ballot and they are posted under the elections button.   

I moved the election icon to the landing page of this website to make it easier to access.  At this point the August 11th election is being planned to run the same way we did it in April with only one table and limiting the amount of people allowed in the Hall and the building.  So yes that means there may be lines having to wait outside the building.  We will also have just the front door as the entrance and the back door as the exit. Please keep your eye on the election page of our website as I will post info as I receive it.  


Tim Tollefson

Clerk Town of Harmony