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Property Inspection Notice
Jan 23, 2014


All Property Owners in the
Town of Harmony, Rock County, Wisconsin

The town assessor, J&D Pounder Inc., will be beginning a four year property inspection cycle in January 2014. The first year of the inspection cycle, 2014, will include all properties in Voting Ward 5. Voting Ward 5 includes all the properties between Henke Road and Tarrant Road in the Town of Harmony. Yearly inspections will also include parcels with building permits issued and any requests from property owners. 

WI Statutes 943.13(4m)(d) and 943.15(1m) allow the assessor or staff to enter land or construction site if all the following conditions are met:
1. Assessor’s purpose is to make a property inspection
2. Entry occurs on a weekday during day light (unless other agreed upon time.)
3. Visit is no more than one hour on the land.
4. No opening or entering doors or looking in windows.
5. Assessor leaves a notice of the visit and contract information in a prominent place on principal building or land.
6. Assessor has not received notice from the owner denying permission to enter.

If you are not home, notice will be left on your door or prominent place by J&D Pounder Inc. to schedule an appointment. If you would like to schedule an appointment in advance of the initial visit, please contact the Assessor at 262-728-2256 or 877-202-6682.

If you would like to deny permission to enter, please write to J&D Pounder Inc., at N4734 County Rd. M, Delavan, WI 53115. Failure to schedule an interior inspection, or denying the Assessor access to the property, may result in an assessment based on the Assessor’s estimate or numerous factors regarding improvements. If the Assessor is denied permission to inspect, an equitable assessment cannot be guaranteed and property owners may not be allowed to appear before the Board of Review.

Thank you for you cooperation in this matter,
Lisa Tollefson, Town Clerk, Town of Harmony


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